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I'll be honest.  I never really liked CLIVE BARKER.  I first learned about him when I saw Stephen King on one of his book covers quoted as saying, "I've seen the future of horror, and it is CLIVE BARKER!"  I thought the HELLRAISER film was a bit nifty, but overall, the whole series just sort of reeked of a pretentiousness that I was never really fond of.  I always felt that if I didn't like HELLRAISER or Barker's work, I must be stupid.   Most of the "intellectual" or modern gothic style Anne Rice horror brings the same reaction in me.

That being said, PINHEAD is one damn cool looking monster.  I don't care if he just stands there and looks scary.   He's one freaky ass guy.  In the 80s where the horror movie boom was going full tilt, it was slasher this, and slasher that, but PINHEAD and the other CENOBITES were a unique and refreshingly cool looking bunch of dudes.

Actually, if you look at the picture below, you can see that the design for PINHEAD seemed to inspire THE BORG.

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