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As evil dolls go, CHUCKY is certainly the most successful.  With 4 different movies under his belt, and one of only 200 people to have had sex with Jennifer Tilly, you have to give that red-headed Danny Partridge from Hell props.

I was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with both CHUCKY and his good natured inspiration, MY BUDDY.  Here's the short, but exciting transcript.

MY BUDDY: Chucky is a mean mean doll.  

CHUCKY:  Shut up you stupid cocksucker, and eat my ass!

MY BUDDY: That's not nice!

CHUCKY:  You know what else isn't nice?  The smell of your goat cum flavored breath!

MY BUDDY:  My lord...my ears are bleeding, I've never heard such language.

CHUCKY:  I'm gonna cut off your head and shit down your neck!

MY BUDDY:  STOP IT!  STOP IT (runs away crying)

CHUCKY:  Heh Heh Hehhhhh.....

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