#62: CUJO

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If only OLD YELLER went crazy and ate his family after he got rabies, he'd be here instead of old CUJO.  CUJO was a modest success in 1983, making $20 with only a $5 million budget.  But I wonder if someone can tell me why they never bothered making a CUJO sequel?  Sure, he's dead, but that didn't stop that black cat from PET SEMATARY from coming back, did it?  Just imagine the terror that a Rabid Zombie St. Bernard could invoke? 

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Hell, if they could make 23 sequels to CHILDREN OF THE CORN, they sure as hell could at least give CUJO 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO a crack.  Come on, just make it a 5 minute short film of him eating that damn Taco Bell Chihuahua, if anything.

You always hear about how sales of Dalmatians go up everytime one of those Disney movies came out, but I'd be that CUJO was one of the onlly films to actual reduce sales of a particular dog breed.

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There were 5 different St. Bernards used for the CUJO movie.

In order to get the dogs to attack cars, one of their favorite toys was dangled in front of them, then thrown inside, and the dog would go apeshit trying to get it.

In the original novel, there's a fun subplot involving a cereal company that makes a product with so much red dye in it, that kids have bloody looking crap.

Bea Arthur was originally cast as CUJO before producers let her go, for fear that she was just too scary looking for the part.

Jerry Hardin, who played "DEEP THROAT" on the X-FILES tv show had a small role in CUJO.