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What boy can't identify with Max in Maurice Sendak's WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE?  You get sent to your room with no dinner, so trees grow next to your bed and river appears across your carpet.  After hopping in a boat, you find a strange island full of...WILD THINGS!  At first they want to eat you, but after growling back at them, they realize you're a badass, and make you their KING.  And then the WILD RUMPUS begins!

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Screw WINNIE THE POOH, Maurice Sendak's book is quite simply the best children's book ever made.  You know if any of those stuffed goofs from HUNDRED ACRE WOOD ever showed up on WILD THING ISLAND, they'd be eaten like candy corn in minutes.  Actually if you just look at the size and sharp teeth of these things, they'd probably give GODZILLA a run for his money if they worked as a team.

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Check out the gorgeous Todd McFarlane action figures, too, that came out for Christmas 2000.  I've heard rumors that Tom Hanks bought the rights to make a live action version of WILD THINGS.  Could work, but give the storybook to me anytime.