Whoever said there wasn't any room for pale skinned gothic babes with great looking boobs to host Horror movies never met ELVIRA.

OK, I admit that's about as lame of an introduction as I can write, but I can't think of too much to say about her.  She's not a monster in the traditional sense, but she's no normal person either.  

Did I mention that ELVIRA has great looking boobs?

ELIVRA first hit the scene in 1981 when she hosted a late night TV Horror Movie show called -- SWEET LORD THOSE BOOBS ARE UNREAL! Sorry, that wasn't very professional of me.  I apologize to any of the female readers out there that were offended by that remark.


By the way, ELVIRA was the first woman (or man) to twirl tassles on her breasts on National TV.  Oh my god...THOSE BREASTS ARE MAGNIFICENT!  WHAT I WOULDN'T DO TO GET MY HANDS ON THOSE LUSCIOUS JUGS! Damnit...there's just no room here for sexist comments like that.  Please forgive me.

I shouldn't degrade ELVIRA like that.  Underneath that character is a beautiful woman named Cassandra Peterson.  She is a respected individual and animal rights activist.  And as you can see from this photo of her, SHE HAS FUNBAGS THE SIZE OF MELONS!  YAHOOOOOOOO!



Elvira was the Halloween Spokesperson for COORS, but was later dropped after she tried to launch her own line of microbrew.

Elvira was the fist person to be broadcast live on TV in 3D.