For as goofy of an idea that BASKET CASE was as a film, it turned out to be pretty damn good.  The 1982 flick told the story of a boy with a siamese twin that was growing out of his belly that looked like a giant tumor with a head and two arms.  After a surgical procedure is performed that separates the monstrous twin known as Belial, he's tossed into the garbage and left for dead.  But of course, he didn't die! (Duh!)

Anyway, flash ahead to New York many years later and the two brothers live in one of the most disgusting hotels you've ever seen, full of hookers, drug dealers, and Jehovah Witnesses.  Duane (the good brother) carries his brother Belial around in a basket and exacts revenge on the doctors who perfomed the operation.

It's a very cheezy movie, but has a really dirty sleazy feel to it that makes it pretty horrifying on a lot of levels.  It also spawned 2 sequels, but they're worth missing.

One of my favorite scenes features Belial trying to have his way with Duane's girlfriend.  Pretty damn sick stuff!

And the crappy stop motion animation for Belial is not to be missed!


The movie was filmed in an actual dirty New York City hotel, but only on the condition that the name wasn't used so they wouldn't get fined for health code violations.

Belial and his brother have a small cameo in the film BRAIN DAMAGE.