Ghost Rider is one of the most badass looking dudes ever created.  Though some may debate that he may or may not be an actual monster, the simple fact that you'd simultaneously piss and defecate your pants while screaming your head off if you ever saw something like this in real life makes him an eligible entry  (Though with that loose criteria, Janet Reno could be eligible, too).

I'll admit that I'm not as hip to the ins and outs of the 90s revamp of Ghost Rider as I should be, but I sure was a sucker for him back in the 70s.  Johnny Blaze was a circus stuntcycle rider ala Evel Knievel, and to save the life of his father, he made a deal with the devil.  Marvel changed the story so that he was possessed by a demon named Xarathos, but we know who really runs the show here.

Not only does Ghost Rider look damn cool, but he's got a kickass motorcycle with flaming wheels that can ride up the sides of building.  And he punishes the guilty with a hellfire that burns deep down into their very soul.

Ghost Rider even had a stint in one of the more ill conceived Superhero Teams in the 70s, THE CHAMPIONS which featured Black Widow, Angel, Ice Man, and Hercules, as well.

There's actually been several incarnations of Ghost Rider as well.  Back in the 50s, he rode a horse, as you can see from the picture above.