#88: TORGO

"I am Torgo. I take care of the place while the Master is away."

MANOS is easily one of the worst movies ever made, but the MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER heckling of it makes it one of the funniest.  Clearly the standout of the film is the fat-kneed, out of his mind wacko named Torgo.

Playing a character as emotionally troubling as Torgo is no easy task.  In fact just shortly after the MANOS HANDS OF FATE film was released in 1966, John Reynolds who played the character committed suicide.

Though I thought that Torgo would barely be a blip on the Monster History Radar Screen (dont' ask), I was amazed by the sheer number of requests to get Torgo added to the list. Here's just a sampling (really, I got tons more) of Torgo comments:

"The best monster of all time is DEFINATELY Torgo from the cult classic: "Manos, Hands of Fate." Not only was the fact that he was just some stupid druggie with huge knees, but his stilted dialogue and wacky theme music push ol' Torgo RIGHT OFF THE CHARTS! No one and I repeat NO ONE is better than Torgo, although Gamera, the Japanese flying turtle comes very close. VERY close indeed." -Lagomorph

"Torgo, from "Manos: The Hands of Fate" hands down should be in that list. Sure he's kinda lame, but really creepy too." -Trav Reis

"The choice is simple.  Torgo, from "Manos: Hands of Fate" must be included on your list. He's supposedly a satyr.  This is never explicitly stated in "Manos", but the evidence is whelming.  He has really big knees.  I mean really, REALLY big knees.  What the hell is up with his knees?  I DON'T KNOW.  No one does.  It's frightening.  Frightening enough, I'd say, to include Torgo in the top 100. What else? Well, for the most part he was just a whiny, snivelly servant who lusted after the female protagonist in "Manos."  But he also got his hand burned off by "the master."  So that's cool.  Plus, he has the creepiest theme music ever." -Chris Redfield

"Torgo, the big-kneed, cloven hooved train wreck from your and mine favorite film, "Manos the hands of fate", forever besotted to the whims of Mystery Science Theater." -James Ketchum

"I never saw a monster like Torgo before.  He's misunderstood, but he's scary.  Once I had a dream that Torgo wanted me to lick his big old fat knees.  I woke up pretty shaken up." - Cary Ann Guilar


Torgo appears to have big knees and walks funny is because his character is supposed to be a satyr. John Reynolds designed his own prosthetics to make himself look like he had goat's feet, but his skills in makeup design were apparently as good as his acting.




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