"I just invented something to keep the inside of my car quiet. 
It fits right over her mouth."

Come on...he's practically got "monster" in his last name! He was a wonderful, sensetive man who provided for his family with a nice big house on Mockingbird Lane. That's pretty high class stuff! He was a kind, gentle man who just happens to be amazingly huge and cause the earth to crumble beneath his clunky feet. His wife was pretty hot and he had a cool car. And his last name is Munster, for cryin' out loud!

THE MUNSTERS were a blatant ripoff of THE ADDAMS FAMILY, and an inferior one at that, but Fred Gwynne's portrayal of HERMAN MUNSTER remains one the more charming monster charaters ever.  By taking the traditional Frankenstein Monster made famous by Boris Karloff, and making him a goofy stumbling but well spoken and kind hearted fella, he made an otherwise unwatchable show watchable.

Proof of that is evident when they brought back THE NEW MUNSTERS in 1991 with a different actor playing Herman.  That show sucked harder than a thousand vacuum cleaners.

As stated above, Herman Munster clearly had the coolest vehicle of any monster on the planet.  George Barris (who also designed the TV Batmobile) made this great hot-rod.  In a tribute to Fred Gwynne, Butch Patrick recalls a time where Gwynne took the entire cast out to get lunch, in costume, with this car.  How cool is that?

So maybe Herman isn't the greatest monster of all time, but he's certainly been one of the funniest.