Little is known about these evil creatures from THE WIZARD OF OZ, but let me tell you one thing.  They're scarier than Hell!  I was lucky enough to interview NIKKO, the head Flying Monkey from the 1939 classic film and ask why they are so damn freaky.

LaBeaver: How exactly did the first Flying Monkey come to be?

NIKKO: Either a monkey had sex with a chicken, or a chicken boffed a monkey, we haven't quite figured it out yet.

LaBeaver:  Well why did you hang out with THE WICKED WITCH, what did she ever do for you?

NIKKO: Are you kidding?  She's hot.  She had a crazy thing for monkeys with wings and we were more than willing to oblige.  We worked for her in exchange for hot free witch sex.

LaBeaver:  Yikes, that's disgusting.

NIKKO: Hey, who are you to judge?  You're the one taking pictures of ice cream bars floating in your toilet.

LaBeaver:  Uhh...okay.  So what do you think about being #94 on the Top 100 Monsters list?  

NIKKO:  Oh wow...big honor.  I'm a notch above MOTHRA and I'm more popular than some monsters on cereal from THE FREAKING SEVENTIES.  

LaBeaver:  Well, it's not like you've had much work since that first movie.

NIKKO:  Well that witch died so there's no much else for us to do, is there?  What about us?  I was offered a part in that HBO series OZ, but it involved a brutal shower rape scene that I wasn't really willing to do.

LaBeaver:  Well thanks for your interview, and congratulations for making the list!

NIKKO:  Whatever, I got to go find me a flying banana.  Later.  


Several of the actors who played Flying Monkeys played munchkins in the WIZARD OF OZ film, too.