"Mosura, ya, Mosura,
dongan kasakuyan in doo mu
rustoritoradoa hanba hanbamuyan
radabanuradan tonjyu kanraa
kasaku yaanmu"

Mothra is clearly one of the goofiest creatures, but with almost 40 years of history behind her, she's definitely one of the most endearing of the giant Japanese Monsters.  Originally created independently from the Godzilla series, Mothra (or Mosura as purists insist on calling her) first appeared in the 1961 movie of the same name.  Just 3 years later, she was paired against Godzilla in the cleverly titled GODZILLA vs. MOTHRA.

You'd think that a giant moth would prove to be easy pickings for the likes of Godzilla, but of all the big Japanese monsters, Mothra actually has one of the better fight records against him, with 2 different victories!  Mothra even helped kick KING GHIDORAH's ass on occasion.

Unlike most monsters, Mothra is actually worshipped as a god by the South Pacific inhabitants of Infant Island.  Many X-E fans worship her as well.

retroCRUSH fan Marsha Lynch writes, "Come on...a giant moth with accompanying identical twin Japanese Girl Fairies?  They sang like angels, too.  And when they said, "Oh, Mossura...why you cry?" I broke down and sobbed for hours.  There's a lot of horrible things in this world, but the sadness of a giant radioactive moth is something that can melt the heart of even the most hardened criminal."

While Tim Voorhes writes, "Please, please, please, please don't allow Mothra onto the list.  I like the character to, but come on.  A giant moth is not, and will never be on the top of someone's really scary list."

From the many different people that suggested Mothra, you can't deny the power of this ridiculous creation.