"Marshall, Will and Holly
On a routine expedition
Met the greatest earthquake ever known
High on the rapids
It struck their tiny raft 
And plunged them down a thousand feet below
To the Land of the Lost ..."

THE LAND OF THE LOST played host to a chuckload of scary dinosaurs.  This 1975 live action show (forget that pathetic remake version from 1992), had remarkably cool puppet animation of  T-Rexes, Allosaurs, and more that are certainly funny looking by today's JURASSIC PARK standards but served well to thrill kids at the time.  

But Marshall, Will, and Holly had far more than dinosaurs to worry about.  Yep, though we've never been able to find fossilized evidence of such creatures, apparently The Earth was also inhabited by a race of scaly big eyed hissing humanoids called THE SLEESTAK.

More or less THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON from the neck down, these rubbery goofs would hassle the poor Marshall family relentlessly, but their fear of fire, and deadly top running speeds of 2 miles per hour usually made them pretty easy to deal with.


The anonymous Webmaster of the LAND OF THE LOST website writes, "At the age of 8, I distinctly remember finding the Sleestak to be humorous clods, but come night time I was deathly afraid."  


Walter Enidson, who played the Sleestak Elder ENIK (pictured above), also did a wide variety of cartoon voice work, including THE SMURFS, MONCHICHI, and perhaps his greatest role ever as INFERNO from THE TRANSFORMERS.  Enidson also played the voice of the talking flute from the other Kroft classic, H.R. PUFNSTUF.

Science fiction legend Larry Niven did some writing work for the original series.