"Large Marge Sent Me"

Those words can make a barroom full of the most hardened bikers drop their beer in fright.

In my preliminary list, I never even considered this freaky trucking babe from PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE, but with no less than 6 different emails pleading for her inclusion, I decided I could not ignore her power.  Here's just a sample of what I was told.

retroCRUSH Fan Mark Wesler writes, "When I first saw Pee Wee's Big Adventure and saw the scene with Large Marge, I nearly pissed myself! Laughing! She's scary enough as it is, with her mannish posture and flannel shirt. But once she goes nuts and makes her eyes pop out and shit...you know you're dealing with the real thing."

While retroCRUSH Fan Daniel Held says, "As a child, there was one monster that haunted me in my sleep.  Probably the most overlooked monster of the 1980's, she made her first (and only) appearance in that lovable flic "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure".  That's right ... Large Marge!  This Claymation creature was by far the most frightening thing I saw in my entire childhood (not counting the sequels of TMNT).  Even now, every time I watch this movie, I have to cover my eyes in fear.  That's why I think Large Marge should be a part of the Top 100 Monsters.  If you don't believe me, Large Marge will get ya!  (At least it worked on my younger brother.)"

Though she's only in the 1985 Tim Burton film for about 3 minutes, her impact has been felt by many.

Sadly there's not much information about her out there with the exception of the great picture you see above and below.  In fact, most searches for information on Large Marge end up getting you porno sites that feature naked fat girls. Alice Nunn, who played Marge, was in a handful of movies and TV shows (including Tony Orlando and Dawn, and Petticoat Junction).

Man the more I think about her, the freakier she gets!  Shit, that Large Marge is one spooky ass chick!

"Ma'am...we've replaced your coffee with crack!"