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What Do Teachers Make?


The dinner guests were sitting around the table discussing life.
One man, a CEO, decided to explain the problem with education. He argued,
"What's a kid going to learn from someone who decided his best option in
life was to become a teacher?"
To stress his point he said to another guest; "You were a teacher,
Jim. Be honest. What did you make?"

Jim, who had a reputation for honesty and frankness replied,
"You want to know what I make? (He paused for a second, then

"Well, I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could.
I make a C+ student feel like the Congressional Medal of Honor winner.
I make kids sit through 40 minutes of class time when their parents can't make
them sit for 5 without an I Pod, Game Cube or movie rental. You want to
know what I make?"

I make kids wonder.
I make them question.
I make them apologize and mean it.
I make them have respect and take responsibility for their actions.
I teach them to write and then I make them write. Keyboarding isn't
I make them read, read, read.
I make them show all their work in math.
They use their God given brain, not the man-made calculator.
I make my students from other countries learn everything they
need to know about English while preserving their unique cultural identity.
I make my classroom a place where all my students feel safe.
I make my students stand, placing their hand over their heart to say
The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, One Nation Under God, because
we live in the United States of America.
Finally, I make them understand that if they use the gifts they
were given, work hard, and follow their hearts, they can succeed in life.

Jim paused and then continued.
"Then, when people try to judge me by what I make, with me
knowing money isn't everything, I can hold my head up high and pay
no attention because they are ignorant....
You want to know what I make?
What do you make Mr. CEO?"












Letters to the Editor

Subject: Pergrines not climate change
From: Art Cooley
Date: March 19, 2012

 As you well know most of my emails have been about climate change.  Today, the subject is the ban on DDT and the recovery of four magnificent bird species; the Bald Eagle, Osprey, Brown Pelican and Peregrine Falcon.  Phil Unitt in his book, San Diego County Bird Atlas (2004) reports that all four species are recovering from the extensive use of DDT.  With the Federal ban on DDT in 1972, that recovery began. With the introduction of hand reared birds, the recovery continued and strengthened.  Today, for the first time since 1936, a Bald Eagle pair is nesting successfully in San Diego County.  Ospreys increasingly are building nests, one even on the mast of a boat in a local marina.  And, anyone who goes to the beach will be impressed with the scores of Brown Pelicans that regularly soar on the updrafts. 
    Earlier this month while watching (intermittently, I will admit) the seals at the Children's Pool and reading, I saw a Peregrine fly in, and after 4 or 5 passes, capture a pigeon and fly off to the north, presumably to a nesting site. It was especially significant to me as I helped form the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), the organization that is most responsible for the ban on DDT.  Today, in a building across from the EDF office in San Francisco there is a peregrine falcon's nest. This
link leads to a page on EDF's website and a click away from the image transmitted by a camera that has been documenting this nesting pair for nearly a decade.  The camera has been placed and is maintained by the Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group.
While one is lucky to see a Peregrine Falcon at the Children's Pool, you are guaranteed a view of the pair nesting in San Francisco.  This pair now has four eggs with hatching due sometime later this month.  Please watch both online and at the Children's Pool for Peregrines and enjoy the remarkable recovery of the other three iconic species.  It is, indeed, a time of rejuvenation
Warm regards,
Art Cooley,
Founding Trustee
Environmental Defense Fund


Subject: Updated info on South Country
From: Chris Picini <
Date: March 2, 2012

 Unfortunately I was unable to attend the BOE meeting this past Wednesday due to a work commitment. I have spent a good part of today sorting through accounts from community members that were there as well as assessing the letters and op-ed piece in the LI Advance. As I read the Advance and sift through the documents I have in regards to these scandals I’m really confused about the BOE President and Vice Presidents statements in regards to Mr. O’Connell’s notice of claim and when they were made aware of it. In a letter to the editor today Kevin Kirk claims that he was notified at the same time as all the other BOE members about this claim. Based on the timeline I’ve put together I don’t see how that is possible. If he or someone else has information to disprove this timeline please let me know and I will correct my statements. It is not my intention to perpetuate any falsehoods.
 August 24, 2011: Kevin O’Connell submits a ‘notice of claim’ to the District Clerk. In this notice he alleges wrongful termination and claims to have information about grades being changed for a standout football player.
 August 24, 2011 or shortly after: The District Clerk forwards this information in an email to; Joe Cipp, Nelson Briggs, Victor Correa, Kevin Kirk & Doug Spencer (Guercio & Guercio).
 September 23, 2011: Kevin O’Connell submits to an examination by Douglas Spencer, ESQ. Mr. O’Connell is duly sworn in by the Notary Public. The examination takes place at central office on Dunton Ave. We all know what Mr. O’Connell alleges during his testimony.
 Sometime during the first week of December 2011: The NY Post publishes the now infamous article claiming grades were changed for a member of the championship football team. At some point during this week and prior to the BOE meeting on December 7th the BOE is given copies of Mr. O’Connell’s testimony. I believe this is the timeframe in which Kevin Kirk claims he received the notice of claim with all the other BOE members.
 The above timeline is FACT. It can not be disputed. Last week the office of Guercio & Guercio sent each BOE member copies of all communications (emails mostly) related to this claim.
 Now again if someone from the majority of the BOE wants to reach out to me and explain how I may have this timeline incorrect they should feel free to do so. Until then I will continue to present this as fact based on the information I have been privy to. So in my opinion the op-ed piece and Mr. Kirk’s letter to the editor are bogus, at least as they regard to Mr. Correa & Mr. Kirk. I have no knowledge and am not alleging any wrongdoing by any other majority member of the BOE. If you consider this timeline and the undisputed fact that Mr. Correa provided the Bronwyn Black report direct to Joe Cipp before his oath allowed him to, how can they claim no wrong doing? Again, if someone has information to prove my statement above is untrue please let me know but I suspect I will here from no one. Even if the allegation of grade changing is proven to be false (which is very, very unlikely) the handling of this claim by the BOE President, VP and senior administrators is corrupt at best.
 Now I’m told that Mr. Kirk claims he was on vacation the week in August when the original claim was sent to him and due to an emergency with his home he did not read the email dated August 24th. That may be true but to claim that he did not read it at all is either untrue or blatant incompetence, I’m not sure which is worse.
 Now once again as the Joe Cipp supporters begin to rally around their patriarch we once again are subjected to attacks on Kevin O’Connell’s character. He is being called incompetent and an extortionist. There are also claims that Mr. O’Connell has a checkered past with some of former past employers. I have no idea if he had any issues with his past positions with either the William Floyd SD or with Copiague. What I do know is that Mr. O’Connell received and exemplary recommendation from his supervisor in Copiague. And if he had some kind of issues at WF that are so terrible why was he hired in the first place? If they didn’t know about it then it certainly seems convenient to me that they know about it now. I don’t know Mr. O’Connell personally and have never met him. His past is none of my business. The fact remains, he made an allegation and that allegation seems to be true based on the report submitted by Ms. Black that was printed in the NY Post and Newsday. Every action taken to this point by our Superintendent leads us to believe he is guilty, from the alleged intimidation of those that testified against him to his attorney claiming that Mr. Cipp has the right to refute the testimony. If the investigation to this point didn’t prove his guilty then why would they feel the need to submit evidence to the contrary? All the while prolonging this investigation at the taxpayer’s expense. That doesn’t sound like someone that loves this community. It sounds more like someone trying to preserve their legacy.
 Now to address the notion that Mr. O’Connell was terminated due to incompetence, we need to put this into perspective. The prior year to Mr. O’Connell becoming principal the High School was evaluated by a committee from the NY State Department of Education. This committee is called the Joint Intervention Team (JIT). This committee submitted a report (available under FOIL) to the district known as the JIT report. There was plenty of controversy and alleged cover up of this report during Mr. O’Connell’s time as principal and it is doubtful that the BOE ever saw this report. This report is important because it was extremely critical of the buildings administration. So if this report showed the principal was incompetent then why was he elevated to Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and not terminated like Mr. O’Connell. Does it have anything to do with his history with our Superintendent? You decide.
 Now if you take a moment and forget about the grade changing scandal, I know it’s hard to do but try. As I stated in my last email we must ask ourselves, is Mr. Cipp doing such a great job that we should be subjected to this type of controversy? Decide for yourself, our High School’s graduation rate for Regents diplomas is in the bottom 10% for Suffolk County. The percentage of graduates that attend a 4 year college is in the bottom 20% in Suffolk County. Then take a minute and visit Look up or district and each individual school and see how they are doing. When an organization is struggling you have to look at the top and make a change. Now I know there are some that will blame teachers for this, if so call me, I’ll argue with you until I’m blue in the face. Are there teachers in our district that aren’t great, sure, but what organization doesn’t have a few week links? The question is what are the administrators doing to foster a better environment for learning? We have great teachers in our district just like many others on Long Island. The administration needs to treat the faculty like the professionals they are and provided a positive workplace, proper tools and guidance to better serve our students. Mr. Cipp may have many accomplishments on the gridiron but they do not entitle him to lead and institution whose responsibility is to educate our children, even if his supporters think so.
 For those of you who have not heard by now, the Cipp supporters have begun to rally. They are planning informative meetings and are encouraging supporters to come out for next weeks BOE meeting, even quoting some of my emails and accusing me (without using my name directly) as grandstanding for votes. All this means to me is that next weeks meeting will be a circus. At next weeks meeting we will be treated to a whole bunch of Cipp supporters and a whole bunch of Cipp critics speaking at the microphone, I’m just wondering if we will here from a Cipp supporter that did not play football. Will any parents come forward and speak about how Mr. Cipp saved their son even though he didn’t play football? I don’t know but I’m curious to find out. My fear for next week is that it will not be civil. There are those on both sides of this issue that in my opinion have behaved in a less then desirable fashion. Recent facebook posts actually use ignorant terms like “tar and feather” in reference to criticism of Joe Cipp and “old west lynch mob”. Those comments are meant only to further divide this community by using such hateful rhetoric. It is incredibly irresponsible during such an emotional debate. I urge all of those in my network to speak if they want to but do so respectably. Do not take the bait and sink to the level of anyone that seeks to drag you down. I consider my self to be a person of integrity which is why you will not hear me screaming at the microphone for terminations and resignations or making comments that are intended to provoke hate. I am simply going to continue to provide anyone that will listen with the information I have in a manor I feel respectable. It is inevitable that the truth will come out and I believe the truth will prove all of what I have stated in this email and those of the past few months. I hate to plead for patience but that is what we need at this point, but do not think it’s unimportant for you to attend BOE meetings. Anyone that is interested should be there to hear what’s happening for themselves. Also remember, this is not an anti football movement as the Cipp supporters continue to claim. This is about right and wrong, this is about educating the students in our community, this is about proper handling of tax dollars, it is NOT about vendetta’s or grudges, at least for me. The Cipp supporters continue to lump all of his critics into one group. They need to understand that there are a large number of residents that are reasonable and fair that appose Mr. Cipp and that we have had enough.
 As for the situation involving Mr. Miglino, there’s not much to say. Once the judgment is signed he will no longer be an employee of the district, which is not debatable. What is in question is his appeal. I’ve talk to BOE members on both the majority and the minority and it appears very unlikely that they will use district funds to pay for his appeal and that they will honor the judgment once it is signed. I do not know when exactly that the signing will take place but I understand it could be within the next week. What we all must take into account is the risk the BOE takes in not paying for this appeal. If Mr. Miglino wins then the district will be forced to reimburse him for his legal fees and any back wages between the time of his termination and the outcome of the appeal. I am guessing that the BOE’s decision not to fund these legal fees has to do with the fact that they believe he will not win. I’m also guessing that is from the advice of Guercio & Guercio. What are troubling are Mr. Miglino’s own words to a resident at this weeks meeting. Mr. Miglino stated “My appeal will bankrupt this district”, yes that is a quote directly from his mouth. Does this sound like someone that’s in it for the kids like he claims? How on Earth is this someone that cares for this community? He can claim all he wants that this is about politics since Reggie Seltzer is a democrat and he is a Conservative Republican that actively campaigns for local politicians. He can’t make that claim to me since I to am a Conservative Republican. This isn’t about politics, this is about right and wrong and I can care less how anyone votes on Election Day (except for school elections).
 Chris Picini

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Subject: BOE VP Responds
Date: February 23, 2012
From: Kevin Kirk

I sent the message below to Newsday for publication:

The Newsday article (Feb. 22, 2012) quoting South Country Board of Ed. member, Lisa Grossman, calling for the resignation of Victor Correa and myself is all about her grandstanding. The article, in my opinion, is a launch into her reelection campaign. I will not resign as VP because I did nothing wrong. The article offers no proof that we withheld knowledge of the grade change charges. That is ...because there isn't any. The article is built on a lie. How dare she! I first learned of the grade change charges on Dec. 4, 2011. That same day I discussed it with the district's attorney. The board was told about the incident via two emails on Dec. 5. On Dec. 7 the board hired an outside investigator. This so-called resignation letter referred to in your article, was never received by myself and five other board members. Furthermore, one of the accusers named in the article, board member Rob Powell, has apologized to me for his involvement with these unfounded charges. Lastly, I find it curious that board members Grossman and Mistler condemn the superintendent for getting a copy of the preliminary report, yet they do not condemn the board member who leaked it to the press. Hypocrisy on the grandest scale.

Kevin Kirk

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Subject: BOE Meeting Notes
Date: February 18, 2012
From: Chris Picini
 Well as expected at last nights
 meeting the board decided NOTHING and took no action in regards to either the grade changing scandal or the improper hiring of the Building Services Administrator. I will say that as a community member I was encouraged by the number of residents (estimated at over 400) that showed up. Equally as impressive was the comments spoken from a number of residents. We heard comments from both community members that have been engaged in these issues for some time as well as community members that were compelled to speak out of deep sadness for the events that have consumed our district. We even heard from a retired teacher with 27 years in the district that drove four hours from Pennsylvania to address the BOE. What was noticeably absent last night was support for the Superintendent. There was only one person to speak in favor of his tenure in our district with repeated calls for “innocent until proven guilty” along with more negative comments directed at Kevin O’Connell. Mr. O’Connell should be applauded for blowing the whistle on this scandal even if it did bring us to the point we are now at. He should not be vilified. It was also evident that there wasn’t much support in the room at for the Superintendent based on the level of applause anytime a statement was made in his favor. It begs us to ask the question, is his loyal network of supporters subsiding due to this scandal?
 So now we wait. We wait until March 7th when the
 will be presented with the final report from Bronwyn Black. Board President Victor Correa stated last night that any persons proven guilty of improper action will be dealt with accordingly. This is the first time the BOE President has made any comments that indicate they will take the necessary actions, even if we do have to wait another three weeks. He also stated last night that the investigators report will be available under FOIL. It was indicated previously that they would not make this report available under FOIL because it contained personnel information. A statement was made that the attorneys are currently redacting any information that they feel violates employees personal information, once that is complete the repost will be available.
 As I expected there was no real discussion about who may have leaked this report to the media. The reason the majority of the
 can make no attempt to find out who leaked this document is because the BOE President gave this report directly to Joe Cipp. This is a clear violation of Mr. Correa’s oath as Mr. Cipp has no right to receive this report. The report was prepared for and only authorized to be viewed by the BOE. Now that some of the reports details are public the BOE should be compelled to release the entire report to the community and not force us to submit a FOIL request.
 As much as I’m willing to wait the three weeks I do think the
 lacked moral integrity by not taking any proactive action to date. Based on the information we have all seen from the leaked report in either the NY Post, Newsday or on News 12 there are clear cut conclusions that can be drawn. At the very least the Superintendent, Asst Sup for Human Resources & the HS Principal should have been suspended until March 7th. I am more hopeful today then I have ever been during this scandal that the truth will be told and those responsible will be terminated. My hope is that we keep this issue on the tips of our tongues for the next few weeks. This is no time for a lull in the conversation. We can once again expect the media coverage to quiet down so it is up to us, the community, to keep this issue from being forgotten about. We do not have the luxury of waiting until a few days before the next meeting to start the conversation again. I encourage you all to reach out to the BOE members directly. It should be obvious to anyone that was there last night that the pressure is mounting on the majority members. I am inclined to show sympathy for anyone that is in a volunteer position and is faced with such combative circumstances but we must remember, if the majority of the BOE would have taken a decisive action early on, we and they would not be in this position. We also could be spared any further angst if those that are responsible would show some integrity and admit what they did and resign, relieving this community of further controversy and humiliation. Many speakers last night drew comparisons to the “Character Counts” initiative with our students. Character should count to our BOE and administration but they have shown at this point that it does not.
 As for the recent NY State Supreme Court decision in regards to the illegal hiring of the Building Services Administrator. It was widely rumored this week that the position would be abolished and the BOE would create a new position for Mr. Miglino within the district. This did not happen. In fact the BOE once again took no action on this matter. We heard from the districts legal counsel that they are not required to take action until a judgment is filed with the courts. This has to do with how the decision was written by the judge. Apparently the plaintiff’s attorney, Reggie Seltzer stated that she has filed this judgment and it is only waiting for the judge’s signature. Once that happens the district must abolish this position and Mr. Miglino will not be employed as Building Services Administrator. Now before anyone celebrates they can and most likely will appoint him to a new position at the next BOE meeting on February 29th. For the most part much of this paragraph is speculation on my part as I can not say for sure what the BOE will do until they do it and it must be noted that I am not an attorney so I may get some of the legal details wrong, but I do think I have a good grasp on the issue. What is troubling to me is that the BOE did not take action even though they had the ability to do. They do not have to wait for the judgment, they just chose to. Why they continue to prolong the inevitable is mind boggling. Is Mr. Miglino that valuable to this district that they continue to defend him? Is he such an effective administrator that we won’t be able to find a replacement? The answers to those questions are for you to decide. We must remember that the district is spending precious resources on defending this action. Did we really need this on top of the other scandal? I urge you once again to reach out to the BOE members and voice your concerns.
 As with all my messages I encourage you to look into these matters for yourself. Don’t just take my word for it. We the public have a voice even if we think it isn’t being heard. We can speak as loudly as we want on Election Day. These current scandals are all the more reason for us as a community to not be apathetic towards the school elections and budget votes. For far too long school elections have become an after thought, we no longer have the ability to turn a blind eye or use the excuse that we are too busy to pay attention. I would argue that the school elections are the most important process we as citizens can take part in. Our tax dollars are directly affected and those that we elect to positions on the BOE are given a tremendous responsibility to provide a positive education for our children and appropriate administration of our tax dollars.
 Please stay engaged.
 Thank you for reading,
 Chris Picini

Subject: Request from Art Cooley
Date: February 11, 2012
From: Art Cooley

I have a request for my retired teacher colleagues about a document I would like to find.
I have a copy of the program for the Earth day event we had in April 1971.
But there was a similar event the year before I believe which I think was called
An Environmental Evening. It began as I recall with the music of whales with
Bob Fehring and Teddy Travis putting together the musicians.
I would love to get a copy of the program for that evening.
Do think anyone has a copy?
Thanks a bunch and hope you are well.
Warm regards,
Art Cooley
(Address supplied on request)

Subject: Request from BTA President Wayne White
Date: February 10, 2012
From: Wayne White

Dear valued BTA alumni,

Our union has been through a lot in the past four years. Despite our turbulent times, we have all continued to do our jobs to the best of our ability. Many of you have gone through similar hard times. However, you and your efforts have helped paved the way for Bellport Teachers Association to remain a respected and dignified unit in our community. Rest assured that your hard work and commitment was not in vain. On Wednesday, February 15th there will be a Board of Education meeting which is scheduled to take place in the auditorium of the Bellport Middle School at 7 p.m. It is expected to be a well attended meeting by the community. The BTA needs your support now more than ever. A massive show of unity by the BTA and you as our respected alumni will show the community that teachers are concerned for the integrity of their schools and the future of our students. I am asking that you please come and stand next to your current BTA members to send our community this very clear message: Teachers are, have always been, and will continue to be...the backbone of our schools.

Yours in unity,
Wayne White
BTA President

P.S. Please be at the middle school no later than 6:45 PM because of the expected crowd. If you have a black shirt, that would be preferred but your presence means more than anything else!
Subject: Request to BTA President Wayne White
Date: February 10, 2012

I am unclear about who or what we are being asked to support.
Can you please supply more information about this request to gather?
Subject: Reply from BTA President Wayne White
Date: February 10, 2012
From: Wayne White
We are in the 4th year without a contract and we are very close to settling but we need that extra help from people who have been there before.

As for the grade changing scandal, we want closure to this situation as fast as possible. I'm not sure if you have been paying attention to the news, but you may find it interesting how it has polarized the community. I publicly cannot choose one side or another in an active investigation when our members are on both sides of the issue. All I can do is invite you down to see where most individuals stand on the situation. You will then have a better idea of what's going on.

I hope this explains why I want you to attend. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply. Thank you for your interest.

Yours in unity,
Wayne White
BTA President
TO:  The South Country School Board
Re:  Fishman et. al. v. Board of Ed
February 10, 2012 
Why the South Country School Board Should Not Appeal Judge Baisley’s Decision

In the Baisley decision, the Court held that the hiring of Miglino was illegal and null and void from its inception.  New York State Education Law prohibits any school board member from being an employee of his/her district.  The purpose of the law is to prevent members of the School Board from misusing their authority to benefit themselves at the expense of the taxpayers.  This is substantive, not procedural, law.

Here, Judge Baisley, after reviewing all the evidence, concluded that the Board conspired with Mr. Miglino, then President of the Board, to violate the education law and therefore, on its face, the creation of the position and hiring of Miglino was illegal, null and void.  In addition, to the substantive violations of the law cited in the decision, the Court also concluded that there were procedural violations.  While the procedural violations may be corrected by starting all over again, the substantive violations of the law can not.  Moreover, while our original lawsuit was filed against the School Board as an entity, there would be nothing to prevent district taxpayers from filing lawsuits against each individual school board member and seeking reimbursement from them for monies unlawfully spent.  Those members of the School Board who conspired with Miglino have personal liability and are not protected by the immunity given to the school board as an entity.

Since there are no valid grounds for an appeal and Judge Baisley’s decision did not impose any costs or other obligations on the district, common sense dictates that Judge Baisley’s decision should not be appealed.  Clearly, an appeal will cost the District taxpayers thousands of dollars and the only beneficiaries will be the attorneys.  Thus, I respectfully ask that you accept the Baisley decision, eliminate Miglino’s position and proceed with the important business of running our school district.

 Yours truly,


Subject: Important information in regards to the South Country SD
Date: February 9, 2012 1:57:42 PM EST
From: Chris Picini
 As the media attention into the grade fixing scandal subsides I can assure you that there is still plenty happening. Just this week on Wednesday the NY State Supreme Court ruled that the appointment of Greg Miglino as Building & Grounds Administrator was done so illegally and in violation of the civil service laws. This ruling was a result of a lawsuit filed two years ago by Reggie Seltzer a local attorney acting on behalf of a few residents. I do not yet have a copy of the ruling but I am told that the district should remove him from this position immediately. I think we all know by now that the majority of the BOE has trouble doing what is right. We can also assume that the district will appeal this decision and further tie up this matter in the courts for the foreseeable future. All in all I don’t expect Mr. Miglino to be removed anytime soon but this is a moral victory as well as additional evidence that this district is run as a conspiracy.
 The next question is what can we do as a community? Well I am of the opinion that the community must show up in force at next weeks BOE meeting. My hope is that we can fill the room with new faces that may not have been actively involved in the matters pertaining to our district. I don’t believe there is any reason for calling out or any vocal protest, just simply a show of unity to deliver a message that we will not stand for this type of behavior from our BOE and school administrators. It will also be a great chance for any of you that have not been to a meeting to experience first hand the stonewalling tactics of the BOE majority.
 I also wanted to use this email to inform everyone (those that don’t already know) where the loyalties of each BOE member reside. It is increasingly concerning to me that there are calls for “all BOE members must go” on the blogs and comment portions of the media coverage. Please note that my list below of BOE members and how they vote are from first hand experience attending BOE meeting as well as conversations I’ve had with a few of the members.
 The first group I like to call the “Good Guys”. These three BOE members have shown the courage to stand up to the majority and voice their displeasure over how the majority conducts business and continues to be manipulated by certain administrators.
 Rob Powell (up for re-election)
 Jeanette Mistler
 Lisa Grossman (up for re-election)
 The “Middle Man”. This BOE member has in the past sided with the majority. My source tells me that he is a vote for the good guys in regards to the current issues facing our district.
 Julio Morales
 The “Majority.
 Victor Correa Board President
 Kevin Kirk Board Vice President (up for re-election)
 Barbara Schatzman
 Marian McKenna
 Owen Durney
 I apologize in advance if I misspelled anyone’s name. Please let me know if I have miss represented anyone’s position on the BOE.
 As always please consider forwarding this email to others in the community that may not be within my current network. This will only work if my messages continue to be shared by all of you. If you no longer want to receive these messages from me please reply and let me know.
 In closing I must say again that my intention is not to convince you to take my word for it and I am only hoping to encourage you to come out and get involved. There has never been a more critical time in our districts history. We face dire consequence from these scandals. The last thing we need is for a state takeover of our district, which is a very real possibility if the BOE majority continues on this course. The information that I share here is confirmed to be fact unless I identify it as rumor or unconfirmed.
 I hope to see you at the next BOE meeting which as of now is scheduled for Wednesday February 15th at 7PM. I am told the meeting will most likely be held at the middle school however that is not confirmed at this point.
 Thank you,
 Chris Picini

Subject: South Country SD/BOE
Date: 1/20/12 10:30:51 AM
From: Chris Picini
As many of you know I have been a vocal critic of our school districts performance and policies for some time now.   For a good part of the past year I have been mulling a run for the BOE.   I have finally decided that I will indeed run and hope to have your support.   
There are just too many issues that I don’t believe are being address properly and in the best interest of our children and taxpayers.   I implore all of you to take an interest (if you are not already) in what is going on, please consider attending BOE meeting or at the very least keep your ear to the ground and come out and vote on May 15 th .  
These past few weeks have been particularly difficult for this community in regards to our district.   What you all should know is that the investigation conducted by Browyn Black into the alleged grade changing incident is just about completed.   On Tuesday evening all the BOE members were sent a report detailing the investigation.   I believe it was noted that Ms. Black is waiting for one more piece of information but that it is not expected to change the outcome of her finding.   Regardless of what the report contains, and note that I have not seen the report, the BOE failed to take any action.   This to me is just plain ludicrous.   If the investigation showed that no wrong doing has been committed by certain administrators, they would have been screaming it from the hilltops.   The fact that no details of this report were presented to the public at Wednesday’s meeting leads me to believe that the finding prove what many of us thought all along, guilty as charged!  
In addition, over the holiday break I obtained a copy of the Notice of Claim given by the former High School Principal in which the original allegation of grade changing was brought to light.   After reading this testimony I came away with a feeling of shock and bewilderment at how poorly the administrators of our district conduct themselves and the lack of basic knowledge needed to be in the positions they hold.   Even if you disregard the grade changing allegation, the comments about the inability to manage basic functions of our schools is an eye opening revelation.  
Change is needed in our district.   Even if you don’t agree with me or my opinions I encourage you to get involved and be informed.  

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